Welcome to The Nude Mushroom!!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog!!

The information that I will be sharing stems from my studies as a Holistic Nutritionist with Alive Academy.  Each post has been sourced from scientific studies, all backed by clinical trials. You can be rest assured that everything I post comes straight from evidence based studies, much of which I have tried and tested for myself.

Tara & Boys

To give you a little understanding and navigation through The Nude Mushroom, I will start by letting you know I will try to post at least twice a month. The topics will be ever-changing and will include information that you can apply to your own life to feel healthier and that will help your body function optimally.  As you move through my site, you will find on the left sidebar a variety of categories to choose from, including: Me in a Mushroom Cap, Nutritional Counselling and the Shiitake Corner to name a few. Here you read a little about who I am and my path to this point, access to a contact page for one on one Nutritional Counselling and of course the Shiitake Corner, where you can leave topic ideas that you would like me to discuss in my future posts.  Over on the right sidebar you will be able to see  archives of past articles as well as a follow button which will keep you on top of my latest updates.

I truly hope you enjoy what you read and I look forward to hearing from you, feedback is always much appreciated.

~Tara Portelli, PCP, CHN, PT

4 thoughts on “Welcome to The Nude Mushroom!!

  1. Neil D'Silva says:

    I always look forward to reading your posts Tara! SO informative and inspiring, thanks for sharing your wisdom. TNM is my favourite blog 🙂

  2. Tony and Joanna says:

    Very cool – in Louisville now with Luke ‘s younger brother,Stefan at the university.
    See you in May 18-26 approx.
    Cheers to Ronny and yourself,
    Tony and Joanna.

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