Beta-Carotene: A Real Life Nutrient of Youth??!


As the dreary winter months have set in and sunny days are far and few between, our skin really begins to suffer the consequences.  Lucky for us, mother nature has a beautiful way of counteracting the effects of these conditions, providing us with the miracle nutrient: Beta-Carotene.  In the simplest terms, Beta-Carotene is the pigment found in plants that gives them their rich colours. Especially concentrated in orange and yellow fruits and veggies.  This nutrient is also known as, an inactive form of Vitamin A that is activated once in the liver and small intestine.  Not only does Beta- Carotene have the ability to protect cell membranes and tissues from the effects of free-radicals (angry, fast-moving molecules that destroy our cells and tissues) but it also helps to stimulate the growth of our skin cells and inner membrane linings: giving them more structural integrity, improving skin elasticity. By this function, it can help these areas from cancer development as well as prevent the effects of aging that free radicals so cruelly have, leaving our skin looking youthful, rejuvenated and healthy!!  This little miracle worker is not done yet!! It also has an amazing way of improving our night vision and as boosting our immune systems, helping to protect us from those unpleasant winter bugs!!  If you’re looking for anti-aging, skin glowing, anti-cancer forming, immune boosting nutrient all in one, look no further than the bright orange and yellows of your refrigerator!!

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For more information on studies of Beta-Carotene, visit the link below for the University of Maryland: