Nature’s Own Disease Prevention: Antioxidents


I woke up yesterday morning, excited to get started on my new post about antioxidants, when my computer decided to give up!!  So while my computer is in the shop getting healthy, I am here at the library committed to helping you become healthier also! This time with a small counter in the bottom of my screen telling me I have 45 minutes, so here it goes;)

As excited as you may be to learn about Antioxidants, I will make this as painless as possible and maybe even a little interesting!!??

First off, the best way to characterize these little guys is to think of them as front line military defending your tissues from the destructive forces of free radicals.  To recap: free radicals are unstable, reactive molecules that bounce around, causing damage to our bodies cells. By damaging our cells, this directly affects our cells DNA: causing cell mutations.  These mutated cells are the exact platform that diseases such as Cancer use to thrive and thus beginning their course!!

How do these evil free radicals invade our bodies?? 

They are actually generated through the metabolism of oxygen, which is really just a normal body function.  The concern comes when they overpopulate, which can happen with the increase of our environments pollutants, as well as the contaminants that poison our food and water. Lucky for us, nature has blessed us with antioxidants!! Directly  binding themselves to free radicals, they are able to inhibit their volatile and destructive forces.  Antioxidants are the only safeguard our bodies cells have against this type of destruction.

So the point in all of this??

Through a diet rich in antioxidant nutrients, we are basically providing ourselves with the necessary framework needed to prevent disease, which is awesome!!  antioxidants are found in so many of the fruits and veggies we eat everyday but are especially concentrated in berries!!  Check out the link below to see foods highest ranking in this nutrient and enjoy the amazing benefits of these foods:)


List of foods with highest level of antioxidants: