Have the Winter Blues??


There is no doubt that this time of year brings on a feeling of sadness.  With the minus twenty something temperatures, minimal sunlight and the end of it no where in sight, how can we find ways to bear the days?

Like you, I feel under the weather at this time of year. Here are 4 ways I use to feel uplifted during the dreary months:

1. Get Outside!!

I know it sounds horrible, believe me on those bitterly cold days there is nothing more I want to do but stay in. Layer up: long johns, wool socks, hat, mitts.. Whatever it takes, snow pants even and get out there for a short walk. The crisp, cold air will feel amazing for your mind and your spirit!!

2. Enjoy a herbal tea!!

Try a peppermint tea, or even an apple cinnamon. Having a hot herbal tea is a natural way to warm your body and awaken your senses without caffeine. My favourite is “Refresh” from the Tazo series… It makes me feel awesome!!

3.  Have a hot bath

Infuse a bath with a pure essential oil like lavender or peppermint. Easily found at any health food stores, these oils will infiltrate your senses, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Baths are a great way to warm those cold bones and bring some warmth back to your core!

4. Have something to look forward to!!

If money is tight and there are no trips to the hot Caribbean sun in your near future, keep yourself motivated by planning a coffee date with an old friend, taking a trip to some hot baths (like at the Scandinavian spa) or even take a weekend trip away to a skii resort. By keeping yourself busy and your schedule full of fun things to do, the winter will be done before you know it!!