Extreme Dieting, Extremely Unhealthy!!

Me IDFA 2011, 2nd place
Me, IDFA 2011, 2nd place

It’s Monday…the start of a new week. I thought today I would take my post in a new direction and discuss extreme dieting.  This topic is close to my heart, as I have been a victim of its effects emotionally, physically and psychologically.  Like so many people out there, I have always struggled with body image.  I would look in the mirror, see a ripple of cellulite staring back at me and my heart would sink into the depths of self-hatred and sadness.

We live in a society that has become so vain, influenced by the imagery of media and pop culture: if you’re not skinny or fit your not beautiful.  It saddens me to think I ever felt that way about myself and to know I am not the only one.  This obsession of being “perfect”, took  me beyond eating healthy and exercising and into a place that no person should ever go…extreme fitness competitions.

At the time, I felt excited as my body began to morph into this physique I never thought possible. Once I saw my six-pack, it was over and I was hooked! All my life I wanted a body like those fitness competitors I saw on t.v. and now I finally had it!!  One competition led to the desire to do others: the guilt of eating a slice of pizza, threw me into a frenzy of over training at the gym, weighing my food and basically never allowing myself to enjoy the pleasures of life!!  I had been emotionally and psychologically effected with the illness of vanity, obsessing over myself and every physical aspect. What I know now is that such extreme dieting, over training, and dehydration for sake of physical appearance, is actually detrimental to my health.  I was putting myself at risk for long-term ailments, such as weakened joints, muscle imbalances, kidney damage and cardiac stress.  It took a really special person in my life to strike a chord, helping me to realize how far removed I had become, choosing the gym over spending time with family and friends.  This was a pivotal point in my personal growth and outlook, taking me from a full-fledged carnivore to a vegetarian, from weight training to functional training and into the person I have become today.  I now have a better self-image, a healthier mind and body, while still enjoying all the pleasures of life, in moderation of course!  We have all been influenced at one time or another by diets as a quick way to get that body we have always dreamed of.  What is important to take away from all of this is, it’s not about dieting, it’s about living a healthy lifestyle that brings you the most enjoyment out of life.  Eating a diet, rich in whole foods, coupled with exercise and activities that you enjoy are the foundation of an investment we should all be making into our personal health.  Beauty comes from within: the more beautiful you are on the inside, the more beauty you radiate on the outside!

The new me, 2013
The new me, 2013

Please check my post on Wednesday when I will walk you through a workout, you can do right in your home using bodyweight and gravity resistance!!

8 thoughts on “Extreme Dieting, Extremely Unhealthy!!

  1. Just wanted to let you know that you look absolutely stunning and I am super happy about the place you are at right now. I remember days when I would go without any food for almost a week. I wasn’t happy, satisfied or full of energy just for a quick moment to see that ‘perfect’ number on a scale. It’s insane how this society brainwashes us from the very young age to dictate us about how we should think, what things we should like and what to hate. It’s great to see that there are alot of people out there who are trying to break this dangerous trend. All the best for you and please thank that special person for me!


  2. Thank you for sharing such a personal part of you. I know like me and you there are many woman and men who suffer from these feelings. Hopefully by shedding some light, we can both help people get past such strong influences !! Lots of love to you as well xoxox

  3. Pamela says:

    What a great thing you are doing here Tara!!! I know that feeling all to well and still struggle with find that healthy balance today!!! It’s always helpful to know that you are not alone! Thank you for this post!

    • Hey Pam!! You have come so far and accomplished so much..I am so proud of you for everything you have been able to achieve. With that said…you don’t have to struggle, I promise it’s easier then you think! Please feel free to email me anytime if you need a support, struggle no more!!! xo

  4. What a great honest article! It is articles like this that will help others think twice before going down the same path. I couldn’t agree more, that we all should aim to live a more healthy day to day life rather than yo-yo dieting. Really enjoying your great blogs Tara! 🙂

    • Thanks Lana!! I appreciate your wonderful feedback! I hope I am able to be a positive influence in people’s lives when they think about this path. I am happy to hear you are enjoying the blog!!!

  5. marion kitamura says:

    Loving your blog Tara. By sharing this personal journey with others you may be the “special person” in someone else’s journey to personal health…..beauty on the inside and out.
    Looking forward to tomorrows blog.

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