Healthy Snack Ideas Your Kids Will Be Excited For!!


On Monday night, I spent the evening with a special friend and  her amazing little 2-year-old.  I pulled out some organic, non GMO children’s chews, (referenced in Monday’s post ) and asked him to give them a try. Overwhelmed with excitement, as 2 year olds often are he popped them in his mouth and then said, “mmmmm, what is this??” I explained to him that they were vitamins, full of fruits and vegetables and that they would keep him healthy.  After 10 minutes of questioning me on every fruit and vegetable they were made up of (17 of the best kind), he was so excited he asked if I could leave him some vitamins for the next day.  This is just small example of how teaching children about the benefits of the foods they put in their mouths, not only lays the groundwork for good nutritional habits but it also helps children to make better food choices for themselves.  This same 2-year-old, while at the grocery store with his mom, pulls foods off the shelf and says, “Momma, is this one good for me??”  At 2 years old, this little boy is already aware that there are food options that are a healthy!!  Through simple education and keeping him involved in the food selection and preparation process, his mom has done an amazing job of building the foundation of life long, healthy nutrition choices:)

Here are some great healthy snack alternatives that you can help you begin your child’s nutritional journey with:

  • Organic, natural peanut butter with carrots or celery (add raisins to the celery and peanut butter for fun ants on a log)
  • Cut up fruit and organic almond or apple butter to dip (Make faces/animals with the fruit)
  • Raw nuts, seeds and raisins (let your kids pick which nuts and seeds they want to add creating your own trail mix)
  • Laughing Giraffe, Snackaroos Or see my post from February 21st for a home-made version

Be creative, have fun with healthy foods and show your children a food path with a healthy future!!


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  1. marion kitamura says:

    This is terrific. You must post the picture of the grape turkey again closer to Thanksgiving. It’s a healthy desert/snack and is sooo attractive.

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