The Vitamin (D)ebunked!!


As March break approaches, many people are getting ready to vacate this cold weather and head south to get some much-needed sunshine!!  With this in mind, I felt inspired to take my blog down a path examining Vitamin D, the benefits it has to offer and the controversy that has been head-lining in the news.

As we know, sunshine is necessary to produce vitamin D within our bodies, labelling it the  “sunshine” vitamin.  More specifically, when we are exposed to the sun’s U.V. rays, Vitamin D is produced beneath the skin’s surface.  During the long winter months, we feel more vulnerable to Vitamin D deficiency and so many of us choose to supplement.  A review of the findings of 40 separate trials, of Vitamin D supplementation all lead to the notion that this supplementation offers no  health benefits.  This is contradictory to the observational studies that were done many years ago that  linked Vitamin D to a lower incidence of Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes as well as breast and prostate Cancers. In addition to these new findings, a national survey of blood tests revealed that Canadians and Americans are not deficient in Vitamin D, despite the many dreary winter months we are subjected too.  Vitamin D is not common in our diet but is found in some foods such as, oiler fish like Salmon, Herring and Mackerel to name just a few!

After doing some of my own research, the main message I received with regards to the supplementation controversy, is that long as you live an active and healthy lifestyle, your body will receive all the Vitamin D it requires.

For a closer look at the studies in the news, take a look at these links:

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    • Sunscreens that block UVB rays will decrease the amount of Vitamin D you produce. Depending on the level of sunscreen, is going to determine how much of the UVB rays are blocked. Unfortunately with the depletion of the ozone layer, the UV rays are just to strong for our skin without sunscreen, causing cancers. Although wearing sunscreen decreases this production, this does not seem to affect our overall levels.

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Wow this article has me thinking about the benefits or lack of from my vitamin D. I am learning so much from your blog but more importantly you have me questioning what I am taking daily in the form of vitamins and food. Thanks M

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