Spring Training: A Workout You Can Do, Anytime, Anywhere!!


I have had a busy day getting ready for one of my best friend’s much-anticipated wedding!!  With that said…I will be unable to post for the next couple weeks but I wanted to create a workout for my readers that you can do over the next two weeks.  As the weather gets nicer, I encourage you to break out of hibernation mode and get outside for a run.  Soak up the fresh air and enjoy the much-needed sunshine!!  Complete this workout below two times a week, alternating with your runs outside.  Start into Spring with a healthy new you!!  You will feel amazing!!  ENJOY!!

Workout: Run through exercises 1-8, 3 times

1. Down ward facing dog into push up and into cobra (repeat x 10)


2. Bicycles (repeat x 15)


3. Pike (repeat x 10)


4. Jumping Lunges (modification without the jump) (repeat x 10/leg)


5. Squat Kicks (repeat x 10)


7. Wall Sit (until failure)


8. Triceps dips (repeat x 10)