Pesto Veggie Delight



Happy Friday!!  Another week done and another weekend to embrace:)  If your fridge looks anything like mine after the weeks end…food is scarce!  I whipped up this delicious lunch wrap the other day using what ever I could find in my fridge and it turned out amazing!!  With food waste at $27 billion dollar a year for Canadians (1), in my house hold I try to avoid waste as much as possible!!  Before heading out for a big shop I scavenge through my fridge and get creative..coming up with unique meal ideas and avoiding waste all at the same time!!


Pesto Veggie Delight

1 large whole wheat wrap

1/4 cucumber, diced

1/2 tomato, diced

2 tbsp pesto

1/4 avocado

handful of mixed greens

handful of bean sprouts

1/4 tsp sunflower oil

drizzle of balsamic vinegar

optional: crumbled goats cheese


Wrap up and enjoy with a fresh salad:)





One thought on “Pesto Veggie Delight

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Hi, Both articles are a valuable reminder of how much food we waste. The recipe is a perfect example of how we can work with the food we have around the house before we head out to buy more.
    You will need to write a cookbook with all your delicious and imaginative recipes soon.


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