Three Superfood’s You Should Be Eating!


When it comes to our health, 75 % of the time we are in control over chronic illness.  That is an astounding number, yet there is a massive percent of our population suffering from disease, looking for a cure… now does that  cause for concern?  We live a very privileged life, with an opportunity to choose the foods we eat everyday; a luxury many parts of the world do not have.  With that said, we also decide which nutrients our bodies receive and how much.  Walking through the grocery store today, I was floored at the amount of people I came across that stock piled nothing but junk in their carts: Frozen pizzas, chips, enriched white breads…just to name a few items.  Eating foods like these regularly, give your body little to no nutrients, leading you down a path to malfunction and eventually disease.  Todays post I thought I would  share with you a list of foods that fall into a category of “Superfoods”.  They are foods that are boasting with nutrients making them regular staples you should be adding to your cart every week!!



These sweet little fruit are bursting with antioxidants, Vitamin C both amazing at helping to fight cancers and other disease.  They also have a nutrient called Anthocyanins, which is a fancy name for the pigments with give these berries their deep blue colour.  Anthocyanins have shown to increase brain function, making blueberries an excellent addition to a breakfast smoothie!!


Considered a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli screams nutrients!! Magnesium, calcium, Vitamins A, C, folic acid…the list is long but not unnoticed in the medical world.  Broccoli can help regulate blood pressure, reduce cholesterol and has a very unique nutrient, glucoraphanin which has the ability to be processed in the body into a cancer-preventing compound.


These tasty little cloves have an endless array of health benefits.  They are well-known immune boosters, helping to keep your body free of unwanted bacterias and viruses.  Lets not forget to mention the amazing ability they have to reduce your risk of developing colon tumours. With lots of antioxidant power and an amazing flavour…these are great addition to any cart!

Next time you head to the grocery store, be sure to include these food items on your list…not only will they boost your vitality levels but they will help to protect your body from unwanted disease.