Want to Get Fit This Fall??


I thought I would take my post today down a new path that I am embarking on…Primal Movement (www.primalmovement.org). This is company that I have recently launched, specializing in outdoor workouts designed around strengthening and toning the muscles that we use in our everyday life.  It’s great to go to the gym and lift weights and look like you’re in shape but this superficial muscle isn’t necessary for the movements we use day-to-day.  Developing muscle groups that will provide you balance, allow you to walk without pain or run with ease….is the focus of my classes.  Through creative circuit style workouts, utilizing basic equipment along with the force of gravity, I can help others lose body fat, strengthen, tone their bodies..with as little as 3 hours a week. Coupled with a healthy meal plan, anyone can achieve a healthy, strong body:)  My workouts are hard work but fun at the same time and can be tailored to every fitness level.



Some outdoor fitness classes charge $150 and up for 4 week sessions, making it a struggle for the average person to afford.  I want everyone to feel they can afford my classes and that they walk away feeling like they got a great workout every time!  I offer two packages: a) Fit Camp 4- Week Fit Camp  OR  b) Fit Camp 4- Week Fit Camp & Personalized Meal Plan.  Joining Fit Camp is the first step to getting into shape but with diet determining 85% of your results, eating the right foods to fuel your body will ensure you get there!


Check out my website at www.primalmovement.org

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