Why Diets Don’t Work!!


So often I hear of people desperate to lose weight who try dieting, only to gain back all the weight plus some after returning to regular eating patterns, a concept we all know as Yo Yo Dieting.  Dieting in hopes of weight loss can be a frustrating and very discouraging experience.  Most diets are based around specific foods with specific portions at specific times of the day, which in most cases forces you to take in fewer calories then you were with your regular eating habits, therefore resulting in rapid weight loss.  When we restrict calories, our bodies metabolism slows down in order to preserve energy. Returning to our regular eating pattern post diet, means we are feeding those same foods to a slower metabolism, ultimately leading to an increase in fat storage; our body becomes very confused!! Liquid diets are the worst culprits for this and almost all diets based around the exact same foods every day are not giving your body all the nutrition it requires to stay healthy.

So the conclusion to all of this??

  • Diets slow your metabolism by tricking your body with a rapid calorie decrease
  • Most diets do not provide your body with your recommended daily nutritional intake for good health
  • Rapid weight loss, can lead to rapid weight gain post diet

So what can we do to lose weight then?

Don’t diet.. learn to find a healthy eating lifestyle!!  By eating more nutritious foods and staying away from processed foods (all the middle isles of the grocery store) you will feel fuller longer and will find yourself naturally consuming fewer calories.

Get educated!!  Understanding foods that fuel our bodies and provide us with good nutrition is the first step in loosing weight.  I like to stick to the rule of thumb, eat as many foods right from the ground as possible.  When you walk through the produce isles of your grocery store…most foods are in their original state, loaded with tones of nutritional and body fuelling nutrients.

Get creative!!  Once you know which foods you should be eating, learn how to make them taste good with new recipe ideas.  Alive Magazine has a wonderful online recipe database, filled with healthy meal ideas.  You will soon know how to cook healthy foods and make them taste good all at the same time.

Cheat days!!  Just because you live an “eat healthy lifestyle”, doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in those foods you love!! If we have one day a week we allow ourself to indulge …we won’t feel like we are depriving ourselves and fall off the wagon!!  This is important if you want to make eating healthy a life long commitment.

Consult a nutritionist!! Having a sit down consultation with a nutritionist is a wonderful way to get you started!! Instead of investing in lose weight quick diet shakes and supplements that don’t work.  A nutritionist can walk you through your joinery, educate and support you along the way.  We can help you lose weight naturally and teach you how to keep it off. We can teach you about foods that can protect you from disease and allow you to live a long and fulfilling, nutritious life! Contact me for more information at nudemushroom@gmail.com


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