Living in a Wireless World: Combating Electromagnetic Radiation


In todays modern environment, radiation is all around us and completely unavoidable.  From low-frequency waves such as wiring in our homes and cell phones to higher frequency UV and Gamma rays, our bodies are continually infiltrated by the effects of these waves at a cellular level. Volts of this electromagnetic pollution disrupt the cells normal electrical communications, prohibiting our bodies systems to function as they should (3). In an attempt to protect themselves from these radioactive invaders, the cell shuts down, restricting everything from harmful radiation to important vitamins, minerals and hormones from passing through the cell’s membrane.  As a result, cells become sick and eventually the entire body, leading to chronic illnesses such as: Heart disease, cancers, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


With our technologies becoming increasingly, wireless based and cell phones a more mainstream means of telecommunication, the question is what now?  What options do we have in protecting ourselves against the harmful effects of this radiation?  The good news is we aren’t completely at the mercy of electromagnetic radiation, in fact there are studies showing ways we can lessen it’s effects; “A growing body of research is finding numerous health benefits as a result of the physical body being grounded”(2)


What is grounding?

Alongside our evolution in technology, is our physical bodies disconnect from the earth’s surface.  With rubber soles on our shoes and insulated sleeping quarters, we separate ourselves further and further away from our natural, electrical connection with earth.  To understand why this important, you must think of the earth as a massive reservoir of negatively charged free-electrons.  When our bodies do not have a direct connection to earth, positively charged electrons will accumulate within the body and are unable to neutralize.  An excess of positive charges causes many potential health risks, such as increased blood coagulation, inflammation, stress and anxiety..the list is long and the effects are detrimental to our overall health and wellbeing.


So how can we ground ourselves?

Grounding is simple and the long-term effects are beneficial as the studies have shown. Start  walking with your bare-feet on the grass or digging with your hands in the garden.  By doing so you are able to utilize the earth’s charge in order to neutralize the body. Immersion of the body in a sea or a mineral-rich lake, are also both excellent conductors.  There are a number of grounding products available for purchase, which can be effective at reducing radiation accumulation in the body.

As we evolve into the material world and distance ourselves further away from nature, our bodies get lost in the transition and suffer the consequences.  It’s important to stay connected with earth, to restore balance in our bodies and our minds with the healing power of the earth’s energy.

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  1. marion kitamura says:

    This is so interesting and scary. I am particularly keen to share the article by Dr. Magda Havis under Health Tech Harmony with my family. The information re. phone bases and baby monitors is concerning. There was an article in the Star today you may like to read…Family Section called “Personal electronics could be bad for your skin”.

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