Two Simple Ways To Increase Energy In The Morning!!


Yesterday came and went…with full intention to complete my post, there was just not enough time in my day.  With that said, I am sitting here this morning more eager than ever to post 1 of a 2 part blog series, on a very important component to our health: digestion.

I want to take your attention to how your body is feeling this morning.  Is your stomach rumbling because its hungry and you haven’t eaten yet.  Are you feeling thirsty because the only thing you have had thus far is a coffee?  Our bodies require two things in the morning: water and food.  While we sleep our bodies are in a fasting state; we are not consuming food or liquids during this time and it is a great opportunity for our systems to catch up on work outside of digestion.  When we wake in the morning, our bodies need to replenish its fluids and fuel it’s energy stores that have been used while at rest.   Starting your day off with a litre of water stimulates the digestive system, helping to clear out wastes and toxins, in addition to rehydrating the body (add a slice of lemon to emphasize the detoxification process).  Couple this with a piece of fresh fruit first thing to fire up your metabolism, breaking the fast without over loading your system, which can leave you feeling tired and lethargic.  Later in the morning, enjoy a healthy whole food based meal, such as whole grain oats or a smoothie.

When we give our body what it needs, not only will we feel good but our bodies will provide us the energy we need to enjoy our day.  Pay attention to how your body and digestive system are feeling on a daily basis, your body can teach you what foods energize you and which ones do not.  The connection between your mind and your body is a very powerful tool that can assist you in your journey to health and wellness:)

….Join me next Monday for a very informative blog on digestive health and chronic illness.

2 thoughts on “Two Simple Ways To Increase Energy In The Morning!!

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Hi, I drink water as soon as soon I get up and add lemon but sometimes I don’t have fresh lemons handy. Does using lemon juice have any value?
    BTW…when is it best to take my vitamins? I tend to take them with breakfast just because it is easiest with my schedule.
    Looking forward to next weeks post.

    • Hi Marion,

      Best is fresh lemons…lemon juice is more of a flavouring then anything:) You should take your vitamins after your breakfast in the morning. Having food in your system, slows the digestion of the supplements, allowing them to be properly absorbed.

      Thanks for all of your continued support!!

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