What Are You Consuming?? Think About It….


To all my dedicated followers…life has taken me by the hair and spun me into a tornado, leaving me no time to write and too much time spent working.  So finally as I set into the calm after the storm; 1 wedding down, 5 workouts written, 2 diets prescribed, 5 – 12 hour shifts over and my first wellness event hosted…I am finally able to clear my head and write…one of my most enjoyable passions:)   I have taken lots of time over the past few days, to reflect on the changes that I have been experiencing. Like a caterpillar spun into a cocoon, I am ready to emerge as my transformed self, like a butterfly; more vibrant and colourful than ever before!!

This evolution I have experienced has me stuck at this idea of mindful living.  Do you ever stop, take and breath and stay in the moment?  When you take the time to do so, do you ever wonder where the food you are eating came from or how it was grown?  Do you think about the man power that went into its harvest?  Have you ever wondered how the products we use on our skin came to be?  Do you ask yourself what chemicals were added and how they may be affecting our internal environment, as they absorb through the skin; our largest, most permeable bodily organ?  I think about these things now more than ever.  

As my consciousness shifts and I have become more connected to everything I expose myself too.  Transitioning my bathroom shelves and the foods in my fridge, into consumables that are more organically derived;  free of toxins, parabens, pesticides.  Mindfully buying local, helping to  promote sustainability and long-term health. 

It is so easy to devour a meal without even thinking twice or  lathering on a cheap  moisturizer we picked up at wal-mart….but at what cost?  Clearly what doesn’t drain our bank accounts, has more detrimental costs to our health…so the question you must ask yourself  is which side of the equation do you choose?  

With Cancer and disease on the rise, alongside the industrialization of foods and the rising industry of  synthetically derived beauty and household products, could there be a correlation?   As you walk through your local grocery store, stop in the pharmacy or even purchase a cleaning product…take your focus to this idea of living mindfully;  mindful of our health and mindful of our environment.toxic-food-456

Ask yourself a few simple questions before investing your hard-earned money:

  • Is it toxic to my body?
  • Is it toxic to the environment?
  • Is it promoting sustainable living?

Being mindful in all facets of life, not only makes you  aware of things you may unknowingly take for granted but it also allows you to protect yourself  from toxic overload, creating greater health and assisting in the protection our fragile environement.

2 thoughts on “What Are You Consuming?? Think About It….

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Hi Tara, I have missed your blog but understand why now! Busy lady.

    You have me thinking about many things ex. what is in the food I am eating and the toiletries/cosmetics I use. What body cream do you use? With the dry winter weather my skin is beginning to feel dry and I usually just buy whatever is on sale and slather it on generously. Now you have me concerned about the “products” I am using.

    Thanks for your advice and the information on your blog.

    • Hi Marion!! I suggest buying skin care products from a health food store. Otherwise..if time permits you can make a lot of your own products. I have started to make my own moisturizers and use products I can find in my kitchen for skin care. My skin has never been better!! You don’t know what the effects of all those chemicals are until you rid your body of them:)

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