The Secrets To Feeling Satisfied…

Happy Monday!!  Another weekend come and gone and the beginning of a new work week.  I thought this Monday called for some attention to our terrible dieting habits.  How many times have you proclaimed after a weekend of eating like crap and binge drinking, “I am going to clean up my diet this week”??   Day 1…your feeling good, Day 2…Your still eating clean but feeling hungry, Day 3…your eating clean but feel like your starving and wondering how anyone could ever continue to eat in such a way!! Day 4…this is the day when you have a little slip up..but justify it because you where starving, Day 5…it’s all over !!  I am sure we have all experienced this mental battle in our heads at one point or another and today I want to shed some light on healthy eating to help you make this a lifestyle and not a roller coaster ride!!

My 3 Keys to healthy eating:

1) Don’t be scared of Fat!!

Fats are a crucial part of our health.  They are used in hormone production, cellular membranes, vitamin absorption and that is just scratching the surface of their endless functions!!  When eating a “clean” plant-based diet, it is important to ensure you are integrating healthy fats into your meals.  Plant-based fats to be exact, such as coconut oil, extra-virgin olive oil or avocados.  Not only will these fats help with body functions, it will also help to satisfy you, making you feel fuller for longer:)

2) Stabilize blood sugar!

Gone are the days of three square meals a day.  What we now know is eating every 2-3 hours allows your blood sugar to stabilize, avoiding those highs and lows of hunger through out the day.  Eating a predominantly plant-based diet, starting with breakfast, a mid morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and even a post dinner snack…will do your body far more justice then eating three meals a day and starving in between.  (Keep in mind that snacks should be healthy choices such as nuts/seeds, fruits/veggies and meals should consist of mainly fruits and vegetables.

3) Don’t be scared to cheat!

Let’s face it…strict meal plans with no wiggle room, don’t work!  We all enjoy a treat here and there; crappy food is all around us…and hard to avoid. SO CHEAT!  Give yourself one day a week to eat what ever you like.  This will not only allow you to feel the difference crappy food has on your digestive system…but it will also keep you on track and allow you to make healthy eating a lifestyle and not a fad diet!!

By following these three key steps, eating a plant-based diet…not only will you loose the weight but you will have more energy and feel great!!

If you feel lost with your meals and need a little extra guidance, my expertise can get you in the right direction!! Email me for more info at



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