Mindful Giving; Protecting Your Hearts Investment

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Today I felt overwhelmed with emotion in regards to something that sits close to my heart.  This isn’t my typical blog topic about Health & Wellness but more about Current Affairs.

In 2010 I travelled to Haiti during the earthquakes that killed 260 000 people and injured thousands more.  My experience on the ground was so raw; weeks that I remember vividly, like pictures in a slideshow.  One of the most prominent of my memories, was that of a 3 month old baby suffering from pneumonia and struggling to breath. I remember being in the hospital and watching the mother in tears.. holding her small child, while the nurse explained to her that she had to pay for a chest X-Ray… (the X-Ray machine that was generously, donated for free?). So many question marks surrounded this statement.  How could this woman pay for anything when she has just lost everything??  All the while her small child struggling to take a breath.  Where is the humanity in this?

I felt helpless and totally taken back by the words I heard. Unfortunately this was just one of many occurrences  I witnessed where Charity was taken advantage of in the midst of human devastation.

Today, the death toll has risen to over 7500 people after the earthquakes of Nepal.  Seeing the trauma of these earthquakes; the loss and the pain in the faces on the Nepalese people in the media is enough to pull on anyone’s heart strings and compel you to open your wallet. There are so many selfless people on this earth who would give themselves to this tragedy; physically, financially and emotionally, with only the best of intentions.   As I sit here and watch the emails come through my inbox about donations and relief support and charity events, I strongly urge you to do your research. Know the charities you are donating to ARE not-for profit.  Understand how your money WILL get to those people on the ground suffering.   Unfortunately as much as there is so many incredible people, doing amazing things in this world… There are just as many who take advantage.

One charity I support and choose to donate my money and my time to is Global Medic. I deployed two weeks with them on the ground in Haiti and watched the generous donations at work first hand.  I know with them my money is going to supplies that are directly helping those people affected. http://www.globalmedic.ca

Sending my thoughts and love to Nepal…


4 thoughts on “Mindful Giving; Protecting Your Hearts Investment

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Ron and I enjoyed your article today. I particularly was impacted by the titles reference to “protecting your hearts investment”. We have been less inclined to donate to charities lately because of the negative information regarding “how” the monies are being spent. We have always been impressed by the work we see Global Medics delivering in crisis situations on the news. It will be our charity of choice now. BTW…..we had no idea you spent time helping in Haiti. You are full of surprises.

    • Thanks Marion! Yes…it was a very eye opening experience! Global Medic is an incredible organization..I still do some volunteer work with them when I can:) I am glad you enjoyed my post!

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