Getting Fit Can Be Fun!! Find Your Motivation…

For todays video blog I talk about being active.  Lack of movement is detrimental to our health; it allows our bodies to stay mobile and strong, our circulation to keep flowing and our digestive systems to move through their processes freely.  Our bodies where created to move…in todays world most of us must force ourselves to be active. Our jobs are no longer centred around long days on the family farm but instead consist of sitting behind the wheel of a vehicle, sitting in front of a computer screen, smartphone or a TV. One of the most frequent concerns I hear from clients is that they don’t know what to do at the gym to reach their goals, or that they are intimidated by the gym atmosphere.  It is a misconception that to be fit you have to go to the gym and follow a strict routine.  In fact fitness can be anything from going for a run, taking a long stroll to joining a yoga class or pole fitness class!!  Being active can be social and it can be a lot of fun, you just have to find what resonates with you!

I personally struggle to keep motivated with fitness and am constantly changing up my fitness routines.  I am always looking for a new activity that I can challenge myself at and that will allow me to keep that motivation spark alive!!

Recently, in addition to going to the gym I have joined a Pole Fitness studio.  I am only two classes in but having so much fun!  With the Integration of strength training, dance and a flare of gymnastics; owner and operator Lori shares her contagious energy and gives exercising a light hearted, fun and and addictive feeling!!  No experience required, all fitness levels and ages…just a pair of shorts and an open mind is all you need to get in shape with Lori!

Check it out at  RocknPole