A Blog Post From The Heart – All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

It’s Friday and I am just taking the time to think about my last week.  On Saturday September 10th, me and my fiancé and partner Ronny of almost 5 years tied the knot.  It’s crazy when I think about all the planning that took place and how beautifully it all came together, despite the forecasted weather.  I learned a very valuable lesson as everything unfolded, a lesson I had known before but lost touch with; from every bad situation comes an opportunity more amazing then you could have ever imagined…

Friday was tent set up day…it was a beautiful sunny day, with not a cloud in the sky.  I had my morning coffee with my friend Tiff, as we chatted about the days events.  Such an incredible feeling to have my family and friends literally a few steps away and able to just pop in for a coffee and fruit as the morning unfolds.  At 8:30 am my phone rings, it’s the owner of the tent place with a very stern tone to his voice asking me to meet him in front of the cabin for a chat.  I felt panicked, knowing what he is going to say…the one thing I didn’t want to hear – all my plans fell apart at that moment.  You see…my wedding plan was to have a “beach wedding” locally, replicating our dream to get married in beautiful Costa Rica.  That meant setting the tent up on the beach…something that the tent guy said could be done, at an extra cost of course.  My planning revolved around a beach party: building beach pallet tables by hand, sewing 60 pillows to go with them, along with 8 hours of hand painted surfboard signs for the sand…so much work for the last 360 days and what felt in that moment, all for nothing.  (Now…I know what your thinking, if only I had your problems), but I literally poured my heart and soul into every detail of this “beach wedding” and to hear from the tent rental place that there is no way they are setting up on the beach, one day before the wedding, felt like a knife in my chest.  The weather network was called for strong winds, the same weather network that had been calling for rain the last 3 days as the sky was bright without a single cloud…

I dried my tears and tried to mentally overcome my disappointment…I’m not having a beach wedding, so I just needed to get over it.  The tent was set up on a grassy area of the cabin resort – not what I pictured but it still looked nice.

Saturday morning arrived, I opened my eyes to the sound of pouring rain…I remained happy and optimistic, nothing could be worse then my beach wedding plans kiboshed…at this point anything could happen!!  Ronny and I got up …sat down on the couch with our coffees and stared out the window as the sky remained dark and grey and the sounds of the rain hitting the ground got faster and stronger. The rain would stop…I just knew it (or at least I kept hoping).

Sure enough 10 am rolled around and the rain began to slow to almost a full stop, as the weather network had predicted.  As we finally began to set up that morning, we had all of our friends and family surrounding us, the sun began to peak out and a huge sense of relief fell over me, maybe the weather would clear after all.

6:10 p.m. rolls around and I am now standing in my cabin with my father…dressed up like I am about to get married and just about to walk out the door.  My friends Tiffany and Michelle worked so hard to set up all my beach blankets and pillows I had made for our beach ceremony; the least I could get, but I’d take it!! Excited to head out…I get a text message from Ronny telling me “don’t leave yet”.  My mom comes running into the cabin…”it’s about to downpour on the beach!! – we are going to have to set up on the grass, because it’s not raining there”.  At this point I am not surprised…I think back to all the weather that my family has dealt with on big occasions …a tornado on my dads wedding, power outage on my dads 60th birthday, biggest snow storm of the year on my sisters wedding – we just have the luck of epic weather!!   Me and my dad laugh and reminisce about the memories mother nature has given us over a glass of wine and wait…I don’t even feel disappointed – It is what it isimg_7707

My friend Michelle comes running in…”ok, it’s going to happen, we are doing it on the beach!!” I am laughing at this point…my poor guests, I had no idea how many stairs they had to go up and down with all the change of plans – 50 one way!!  Some of them wanting to kill me I’m sure !!  All the while I had no idea behind the scenes, Ronny was making the decision – trying his hardest to give me a beach ceremony we had always wanted…

I walked down the beach and see everyone who is dear to my heart standing there looking at us…my heart melted and I felt so overjoyed with love.  As I looked out at the sky…I see this band of sunlight peaking through the dark sky, as the sun begins to set. It is the most beautiful sky I have ever been so lucky to see; A sky that only the combination of rain, sun and wind could ever create and I felt so blessed. I see Ronny standing in front of me…his face filled with tears, something I haven’t had the opportunity to witness in our almost 5 years of unity.  My heart swells and my eyes fill with joyful tears…I felt his love more in that mimg_7722oment then ever.  We leave the ceremony to head up to our alternative tent location to a rainbow arching over us…such a rarity in itself.  The lesson in all this: for every one of life’s “disappointing moments”, lies an amazing opportunity that you may not otherwise have had…”The sun always shines at the end of a rainbow”.

Now as I sit back – day 6 of being married and on my 3rd of 4 – 12 hour shifts I can’t help but wonder, what’s next….as I come down from my wedding high.  I have been reflecting on all my hard work with my blog and I ask myself, where will I take The Nude Mushroom? What avenue makes the most sense?  How can I expand and make my business everything I  want it to be?


This is where I want to look outwards and ask you what you want as my reader?  I would love to hear what drives you to read my blog and what I can do that can help you better in your own personal health journey??

Would you like to see :

  1. more recipes?
  2. more workouts?
  3. more of my personal daily routine?
  4. more videos and of what?
  5. how to create quick healthy meals?
  6. would you be interested in some wellness online courses? If so, what do you want to learn about?

Please comment on my blog below or email me your ideas and feedback at tara@nudemushroom.com.  Any and all comments and feedback are much appreciated. I want to create a space that can help reach and help the most people possible.

~ Much love,