My Drive: Why I Do What I Do

I received this email at a time when I questioned if my work was helping my clients. This email not only brought tears to my eyes… But it helped me realize that I am impacting others and it confirmed to me that this isn’t just nutrition and health… It is changing lives, helping others heal, both physically & emotionally🌷 My purpose and my passion …

“I first met you a few years ago in Shear Park when I joined your summer Boot Camp. Little did I know then that you would become the inspiration I needed during a very important time in my life. At the time I was often crying because I was feeling down and discouraged about my weight. Under your nutritional guidance and positive encouragement not only did my self-confidence improve, but I was also able to gain the strength and courage I needed to make other necessary changes in my life. You reviewed my nutrition and provided healthy suggestions that would help me reach my goals.

You listened closely to my needs and understand my abilities better than I did.

While following your fitness programs that summer and through the next winter I became a stronger and healthier person, both physically and mentally, and I became very proud of my accomplishments. Without your influence however, I’m not sure I would’ve been strong enough to endure this past year and half as well as I did. I was actually strong enough to fight the big C not once but twice while going through a separation at the same time.

I’ll be turning 60 next June and I’ve never felt stronger or healthier in my life! THANK YOU!”

~ Bonnie (Barrie, ON)