Spring Has Sprung Low – Body Sculpting Circuit!!

Today is the first day of spring!  What better way to kick off such a flourishing time of year then an outdoor/indoor workout!!  I filmed this video on the beaches of Costa Rica, with nothing more then the sounds of waves crashing on the shore – what an  amazing location for a workout! Watch, learn, meditate and get in shape with this powerful lower – body, sculpting circuit that will give your legs the burn they have been longing for. Training the body in a circuit style is the most efficient way to get in shape.  Not only are you powering through each exercise with minimal time in between, training your bodies aerobic system but you are also burning more calories as your heart rate fluctuates up and down.  I use this method of training for my upper, lower and full bodies workouts and it gets me through a workout in 45 – 60 minuets every time!!  Gone are the days of 2.5 hours at the gym!!

This workout can be for beginners or the more advanced and is good to do 1- 2 times a week for 4 weeks.  Each week I recommend adding on 5 extra reps to each exercise (and each leg if required).  This will ensure that you are consistently challenging yourself and not allowing the body to plateau, producing amazing results:)

Get outside and do this workout in a park or your backyard!! It’s the perfect time of year for a workout!!


Warmup: 10 – 15 minute light jog

Circuit: Complete exercises 1- 3 through once without rest in between. Once you complete a circuit, give yourself 60 seconds rest and then repeat. Do this 3 times (or 4 for more advanced)

  •  Squats  x 20 reps
  •  Side Leg Kicks x 12 reps/side
  •  Back Leg Kicks x 12 reps/leg