What’s Holding You Back??

In life we have to take chances, otherwise we will always find ourselves not living life the life we really want.  Recently, I took a chance and left my career of 9 years for an opportunity working with mental health and addictions in a Holistic treatment facility. It was a job that I woke up every morning feeling proud to go to and a deep satisfaction knowing that we were helping people in a way that others couldn’t.  Within 2 months of starting my new path, I was laid off due to lack of clients and left in a very uncomfortable position of being unemployed.  Waking up in the morning unsure what the next step is, leaves you feeling extremely vulnerable.  Being faced with adversity forces you to dig deep beneath your layers and figure out who you really are and what you really want. Wayne Dyer would say “congratulations, you lost your job”.  These things happen in life to push you our of your comfort zone and into the unknown to become a bigger and better version of yourself.  It’s what we do with these opportunities that truly defines us.

In the last week I have spoken with someone who I have come to realize has the same dreams, visions and background as me and together we are going to build something significant.  We hope to give those that feel hopeless in their personal weight loss journeys a once and for all chance to be everything they desire.  Weight loss is a niche market that I have gravitated to as a personal trainer and nutritionist.  It’s one that I see so many people suffer with and I have the tools and now now the full spectrum of resources to change lives.

If you are someone who struggles with insecurities surrounding your weight, ask yourself these questions: How would losing the weight impact your life?  What has held you back to this point to losing the weight?   These questions could uncover a fire within you that could drive you to your deepest and most fulfilling desires.

If your interested in learning more in the near future about our program please email me today, to schedule your free consultation at tara@nudemushroom.com