What If I Told You Could Determine The Fate Of Your Health ??

Today on this beautiful Sunday Morning, I felt compelled to write a blog about Health.  I have been in this field for 9 years now and I can’t tell you what this path has done for my personal Health.  When you see what your health could look like, as I did working as a Paramedic for almost a decade….it’s a scary reality.  I think many of us take our health for granted, not intentionally, just unconsciously.  We don’t know any different.  We don’t know what it feels like to wake up everyday in chronic pain or to rely an oxygen tank just to take a breath.  We don’t like to think about all the possible outcomes of our health when we don’t take care of our bodies…we are really good at reacting when things go wrong and even then sometimes that is not enough.  If you never changed the oil in your car, your car would fail you. Changing the oil, gives your car engine the lubrication it requires for longevity – our bodies work much the same.  

I am no exception to this.  I never TRULY valued my health until I almost lost it many times.  It all started in 2006, when I had a car accident that left me in a wheel chair, indefinitely – then in 2007 I had my first experience with pneumonia after running myself down working day and night for weeks on end.  I was air lifted to a progressive research hospital as both my lunges continued to fill with fluid and every antibiotic the doctors tried, persistently failed.  I became a case study for med students, as my lunges continued to fill each day and breathing felt like such a struggle. I then think to the back injury I had in 2012 that allowed me to get a true understanding of chronic, debilitating  pain. As I fought just to stand for more then 20 minutes; this continued for 3 long years…3 doctors, 4 specialists, 2 chiropractors, 2 physiotherapists and a Osteopath later.  Then I think about my scary face to face with Hep C and Hep B, after a needle stick injury gone wrong.  Waiting for 6 weeks just to find out if I was infected; each day that passed, I thought about how my life could be forever changed.  Each and every one of these experiences has pushed me deeper and deeper into living a life of health like no other.  This passion fuels my blogs, my videos, my workouts and my message as I continue to try to light a fire in all of YOU, not to take your health for granted.  You have one body, one life and one chance to make this human experience a healthy and prosperous one, suffering is not an option.

Today I am so proud to say my health is better then ever…how lucky I am to escape from each of those experiences unscathed, only stronger and more powerful then ever. I wake up everyday pain free and start my day in complete gratitude.  I never thought that day would ever come.  My goal is to live the healthiest life feeling amazing everyday – because feeling good is a true gift.  Our bodies will be and feel as good as we allow them too.

Here are the facts you need to know:

  • 85% of Cancer is caused by poor lifestyle choices.  Everyone has Cancer Cells, it’s up to you to keep them at bay.  I know ways you can kill Cancer Cells in your blood stream and prevent tumours from forming and it all starts with choices.
  • 95% of Heart Disease is caused by lifestyle. Increase your activity level and eat more vegetables and fruits and you can even reverse damage
  • Digestive issues (leaky gut, constipation, bloating, IBS ect..) Can be reversed if you change the way your eating. You can repair your gut lining and feel amazing again by changing the quality of the foods your eating
  • Hair loss, skin rashes, fatigue all of these things can be reversed by educating yourself and making the necessary changes.

Obviously each person is different and some symptoms are more complex then others …but there is a solution. For most of the patients I treated during my career as a Paramedic who were REALLY sick – they had a choice, they just made the wrong ones; I just helped them with the damage control.

If you are suffering and your health is in jeopardy – you have choices and there are answers, although it may not feel that way.  After fracturing my pelvis in 7 places and being unable to walk – within 3 months I was back on rollerblades and in the gym. I didn’t give up and did everything in my power to get my body back on track. Health is a mindset – your body is only as strong as your mind.  I am dedicated, fully and completely to helping each and every one of you feel your best…their just is no other way.  Health is the way – without your health – what do you have??

Please feel free to reach out to me if I can guide you in the right direction tara@nudemushroom.com