A Natural High That Comes Without Cost…


It was a week unlike no other.  It started off, like the average week of work, dog walks and the usual house work…truly nothing out of the ordinary.

Then came Tuesday…

As I went about my day at the Brewhouse, I served this nice young couple that were just in town for the day to enjoy the spa. We exchanged a few laughs, some smiles, they had a good time and my job was done.  What I thought was just another table, turned out to be an experience I will truly never forget.

After paying their bill, they got up from their table to head out for their day at the spa. The lady approached me and quickly handed me something, mumbling what I thought was “RAD” under her breath. She quickly turned away and walked out, without even giving me the opportunity to say thank you. When I looked down at the stack of papers,  what I saw was a hand written note that read “RAK – Pay it forward”. A few minutes went by before I came to realize, that like a kind person buying you a coffee in the drive through line up…this lady had just gifted me with a “RAK: Random Act of Kindness”. As I stood their holding a handful of 20’s, 5 deep…It was one of those moments, that truly leaves you speechless and smiling from ear to ear.  This kind couple, left me $100 for no reason what so ever, other then to make my day…and that they did.

My next few days where spent racking my brain trying to think of something that I could do to “pay it forward”. When I told my mom the story and how I wanted so badly to give back an “Act of Kindness”, she said…”Don’t look for it, when the time is right you will know” and she was so right.  While I was at the grocery store today, I strolled passed the floral section. I saw these stunning bouquets of flowers staring up at me and my eyes lit up…I  knew exactly what I was going to do … the time was right.

I wanted someone to feel as good as I did and to leave a mark that not only lights up their spirit…but  would ignite my own.  It’s an amazing thing when you look for opportunity to make someone else’s day…I can’t tell you how much it changes your own.

As I drove down the road, looking for the perfect person to “RAK”…I saw a middle aged woman, walking with a cart full of groceries down the side walk with her 3 adolescent kids.  She looked like she was struggling, as she pushed her cart against the cool northern wind. Her face was slightly weathered and her clothes were worn almost to rags – a true sign that life presented her some struggle.  I parked my car and picked a bouquet of flowers out of the three that sat in the passenger, front seat of my car.  I  started down the side walk towards her and as I got closer, she flashed me a smile…I reached my hand out and handed her the bouquet of flowers, “these are for you” I beamed.  “For me?? Thank you!” Her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree as she accepted the bouquet with an unspoken gratitude.  I touched her shoulder and said “ just a random act of kindness”. As I turned and walked away, my eyes welled up with tears, as I experienced a feeling that is truly indescribable.  It’s one that you can only experience from the simple act of human connection.  I didn’t change her life, or take her pain away but for that small moment I made her forget her worries and left her with a smile.  As I got into my car and pulled away…I looked back and saw her stopped on the sidewalk, holding the bouquet to her face, as she read the small attached card; a memory I will not forget.

In a world with so much hate, violence and uncertainty at every turn, it really only takes a small gesture to restore someones faith in humanity. Kindness does not come at a cost, it’s a choice.  Just a small gesture could mean the world to someone, who may feel like life has left them behind. It’s a small act that can have a ripple effect, with a far greater reach then you may ever know.

As I continued my drive, distributing my bouquets, one by one, I lavished in the incredible high that only kindness can leave you with.

I encourage you to try “ A Random Act of Kindness” and set your own spirit on fire !

“You can’t feel bad enough to make anyone else’s life better” ~ Wayne Dyer