My Story in a Mushroom Cap

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Life has been an accumulation of craziness that has brought me here, to this point, writing this blog.  You are probably asking yourself who am I to write a blog about nutrition and health?? Well….let me give you a little glimpse of who I am and where I have come from….

For the last eight years I have spent my life working as a Paramedic.  In this job I see the worst of peoples health and most of the time I get there when it is to late. I pursued this career to help people..but how am I supposed help when I get to people after the damage has been done??  So my search has continued…searching for a way to help people become better and take control of their wellbeing.  My passion for health, wellness and nutrition has been my drive…leading me down a path that has inspired me to certify as a Personal Trainer and complete my education as Certified Holistic Nutritionist with Alive Academy.  I strive to live my own life as holistically as possible, treating my body as a temple and my health as a gift that will allow me to live an amazing life. With the knowledge I gained from my education as a Personal Trainer, alongside hard work, dedication and self discipline, I was able to achieve a lifelong goal of competing in a fitness competition, placing 2nd overall.  A few years later, with my studies in Holistic Nutrition under my belt, ironically enough I learned that such extreme competitions are detrimental to my health. With my years of trial and error, educating and re-educating, I feel not only can I help you to prevent chronic illness and disease but I can also help you to feel empowered just as I do to give your body everything it needs to promote a long, healthy and prosperous life.  I am grateful that life has brought me here and I am now able to help others feel in control of their health too.

Thank you for reading my blog, I hope you enjoy it as much I will writing..

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