Airline Radiation: 4 Ways To Protect Yourself


I arrived early this morning from a quick five day trip to Calgary, for the wedding of a very special friend. While in the air, I thought about a conversation I had in regards to the extreme radiation exposure we endure while in flight. I felt inspired to delve deeper into this very concerning topic, in search of ways to combat the effects that radiation exposure can have on our body.

Ionizing radiation is a type of radiation that has been linked to many types of Cancer.  Cosmic radiation, which we are closely exposed to during flight, is a form of this ionizing radiation.  When we fly our bodies are more strongly exposed to both cosmic and solar radiation, which on the ground only small amounts make the distance.  The atmosphere is designed to  protect us from these waves but when we fly, the higher the attitude the lesser the protection the atmosphere can provide us. Exposure to radiation levels while in flight can be hundreds of times higher than that on the earths surface.  Radiation has a cumulative effect and as a result, the shorter the flight the lesser the exposure.

Below I have listed some ways that you can help detoxify and protect the body from radiation, in hopes of preventing damage these waves may have.

1) Chlorophyll Rich Foods: Seaweed, kelp, blue-green algae and spirulina  are rich in iodine and minerals, reduces the radiation which may be harmful to your bodies tissues.

2) Citrus fruits: Contain caffein acid which has been found to protect the body against gamma-radiation which can induce cellular changes. Vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage also contain caffein acid.

3) Detoxifying Herbs: Dandelion, peppermint and chrysanthemum are detoxifying herbs that help rid the body of toxins and contaminates.

4) Sodium Bicarbonate ( baking soda) & Magnesium bath:  WIth neutralizing and buffering properties, soaking your body in these two minerals can help protect your kidneys and other tissues from the harmful effects of radiation.






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  1. marion kitamura says:

    Wow this is particularly interesting to me with all the flying I do. I plan to share it with some of my colleagues who fly more frequently than I do.

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