Expect The Unexpected; How To Overcome Life’s Hurdles

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Playa Grande – Costa Rica

On this sunny morning, I walk outside to feel the deep chill of -30 temperatures, cold that literally takes your breath away.   It was just one week ago I walked the white sand beaches of Costa Rica, the warm sun beating on my face and the temperature soaring well over + 30.  Life can feel like a whirlwind at times and getting caught up in it can be too easy; rushing from one place to the next, eating on the go, constantly within arms reach of technology…there is no refuge.  Escaping the daily grind is a must and during the coldest months of the year, it only makes sense!  Taking some time away from your day-to-day life, allows you to reconnect with yourself, taking you back to living in the moment and helps you escape the noise of your busy mind.

Day 1 Road Trip - Costa Rica
Day 1 Road Trip – Costa Rica
Playa Negra - Costa Rica
Playa Negra – Costa Rica

I returned from Costa Rica feeling rejuvenated and inspired to move forward with future wedding plans, career shifts and a new outlook on life.  Just as quickly as you can board a plane and fly to paradise for a week, you can come back and get swallowed up again by life’s grip.  After arriving back home to settle back into our daily life, we got wind that my fiancé’s college went bankrupt; shutting down 14 campuses across Ontario and leaving 2600 students at a loss…some of which were just days from graduation.  Sometimes in life you take 6 steps forward and 10 steps back and for Ronny and I, we are right back to where we started 12 months ago.  It was last February that he made the difficult decision to return to school at the age of 35, in search of a career that offered more opportunity.  For one straight year he completed two years worth of studies; working tirelessly day and night, pushing himself beyond limits.  With just 8 months left until completion, thousands of dollars invested and countless job opportunities on the table, he is forced to start again; it truly is times like this that you are put to the test.

San Juanillo - Costa Rica
San Juanillo – Costa Rica

What I have learned on my journey thus far, is that it really is all about perspective…

CR Howler
Playa Brasilito – Costa Rica

You could paint the most beautiful picture for your life but the reality is things never truly unfold as you plan.  At the point when you get knocked down, it’s up to you to either get swallowed up by the wave or to rise above it.  One of my greatest teachers Wayne Dyer once said, “If you change the way you see things, the things you see will change”.  Don’t be defeated by life’s hurdles, learn and grow from them and use passion to propel you far beyond your limits.  One thing I know for certain is that although your picture may not turn out as you envisioned, if you keep your focus on what you truly want in your life, you can get there and your picture can become more of a masterpiece then you ever imagined.  Every step in life, starts with a vision…

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Life has no destination…

Happiness truly is a choice and life definitely is not a destination but a crazy journey….so buckle up and enjoy your ride!!!

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  1. Chelsea says:

    Tara you are amazing and have always had the most optimism of anyone I know. Your perspective is contagious and I know everything will work out for Ronny and his goals. Love from all of us! Miss you

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