The Perfect Winter Getaway: Iwa Spa In The Blue Mountains

As winter graces us with her presence, I felt compelled to write about blog about an incredible experience I recently had.

After relocating to Blue Mountains, I am in awe as I watch each season unfold, day by day.  The landscape transforming – like a chameleon shedding her skin; every layer more beautiful then the one before. I find myself so in tune with nature, its almost as if I am watching it on a time lapsed movie screen out my front window.  This morning I was witness to a family of deer, passing through my backyard, as the snow fell gracefully from the sky and the mountains lay still in the distance; this is the stuff photography was made for. Walking around my neighbourhood after the first “true” snow fall, took my breath away; Crisp snow covered mountain faces, lay untouched. Their peaks stare at the glistening waters – not yet frozen, mirroring crystal blue skies. Tree branches sitting still, with blankets of snow resting upon their bark tops. As you begin to harmonize with all of your senses, taking in the allurement of the landscape; your mind finds an incredible stillness and sense of peace like no other.                                                                                        

 If you have never been to the Blue Mountains, it is truly an experience worth coming for. Aside from the positive vibes, breath taking scenery, top notch restaurants and the best skiing Ontario has to offer, there are so many other layers of your visit here that make this place a full stop on your bucket list. Sitting at the South Western tip of the Blue Mountain Village, lies a mini escape in itself: The award winning, Iwa Spa. This is just not a Spa….it’s an experience and one that will leave you not only rejuvenated but completely euphoric.


I had the pleasure of being invited to try some of the spa’s unique services and at every turn I was amazed; as no detail was left undone. Stepping into
the Spa’s brightly lit entryway, you are met with beams of natural light, cascading through the vast array of picture windows. Tall ceilings, stretching to infinity and beyond leave you with a feeling of wonderment as you begin to uncover everything this spa has to offer. Slipping into a pair of cozy slippers, you begin your journey, as you are met by the warm, welcome of the concierge staff awaiting your arrival. To your left, you can give your feet the pampering they deserve as you sit on the unique bench style seating, sip a glass of wine and warm by the centre room fireplace. Or why not take an escape into complete body relaxation in one of their private or couples massage suits; each room warmed by its own personal fireplace. Upstairs, you will enter into another realm as you step into a Ganbanyoku suit (Gan = rock, Ban = board, Yoku = bath), also known as Volcanic Rock Therapy. If you have ever wanted to climb to the top of a volcano in Hawaii, no need to travel so far.  Get these same positive vibes as you lay on the warmth of these, ancient, mineral dense slabs. Emanating far infrared radiation, penetrating deep into the hypodermic layers of the skin, your body will warm from the inside out.

Experience, detoxification and an improvement in your immune system as you endure, a chemical free and “green”  alternative to traditional infrared saunas. Bursting with negative ions: the same molecules found in coastal regions near beaches, oceans, mountains and forests; these molecules increase oxygen to the brain, improving alertness, mental clarity and are also thought to help secrete more of that feel good brain chemical, serotonin. After 60 minutes in this hot room, you will leave feeling relaxed and reborn as you experience the positive effects of the negative ions, up to hours afterwards.  Want to take it a step further?  How about a restorative yoga class on these ancient volcanic rocks ?? Not only will you reset your mind, body and spirit but you will also leave with all the incredible, health benefits of infrared and negative ion therapy.

Just scratching the surface of what Iwa has to offer, why not check it out yourself?  It’s reputation precedes itself; winning awards such as Best “Luxury Spa Of The Year” and Winner of “Top 25 Spas in Canada”. Owners Michelle and Cam Ubell have created this outstanding space that is not only completely enthralling but also warm and inviting; a beautiful gift for that special someone on your Christmas list.