Heal your Body, Naturally!!


Over the weekend I was truly inspired by a very special woman who shared her amazing story with me. At a young age, she was diagnosed with Lupus: an incurable autoimmune disease.  Using your bodies own immune system, Lupus attacks the bodies tissues over foreign bacteria and virus.  By doing so, the bodies tissues are left inflamed, causing intolerable pain and damage.  To this day there is no cure for Lupus, only medications that suppress it’s symptomatology.  Through her own research this woman completely changed her life: taking her diet to a strictly vegan, raw food diet. Within months not only was she able to rid her body of Lupus but also reversed the damage that it had caused, leaving doctors completely baffled!!

In the Western world we have become far disconnected from nature, using pharmaceuticals to aid every ache and pain.  For centuries the Eastern world has focused their medical treatment plans around the body’s ability to heal itself, using diet as an activator. As we drift further and further away from nature, we are left with bodies that are in disharmony, unable to heal, riddled with disease and contaminated with toxic pharmaceuticals. By taking ourselves back to the basics…eating whole foods (fruits, vegetables, grains), in their purest form, we will find ourselves more energetic, healthier and less ill.  Mother nature has given us land, deep in nutrient rich soils, that enable us to harvest an entire rainbow of plants. Each one with properties that mimic those of pharmaceuticals: anti-inflammatories, analgesics and antiseptics just to name a few.  By realigning with nature and taking in a diet rich in plant-based foods, we too can activate our bodies own healing capabilities.

When diet is wrong medicine is of no use.
When diet is correct medicine is of no need.

~Ayurvedic Proverb

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  1. marion kitamura says:

    Great article. A wonderful reminder about the power of eating healthy foods. Love the proverb.

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