Treating Heart Disease With Diet Over Drugs


Heart disease was deemed the leading cause of death in 2011 by the Centre of Disease Control and Prevention, with cancer a close second (1).  This is the scary reality that we are faced with and as our diet continues to evolve further away from its natural state and our risks continue to climb.

With the intake of animal products and saturated fats in our diets, consumption can lead to an increase in blood cholesterol and ultimately a condition known as “atherosclerosis” (cholesterol build up on the artery walls).  This is the beginning stages of coronary heart disease that can lead to heart attack and often times, death.  Western medicine is quick to treat high cholesterol with drugs such as Lipitor, in hopes of lowering blood cholesterol levels .  However, some medical professionals have opted for a safer alternative with a more favourable outcome;  consumption of a plant-based diet. Through the elimination of meats, fish, poultry, dairy products and eggs patients are not only reducing their cholesterol levels but also helping to reduce the symptoms such as high blood pressure and in some cases even reversing damage.

Cardiologist, Dr. William Roberts believes that a “vegan diet is the solution to heart disease in the Western world” (2).  Our bodies where not created to digest a carnivorous diet; with flat teeth and long intestines, we are much more herbivore orientated.  Cultures around the globe that consume a primarily plant-based diet, have little to instances of coronary heart disease, leading to a lower mortality rate.

The conclusion…

Eating a plant-based diet including, vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, seeds and whole grains not only will prevent the process of heart disease but can also be used as a safe and long-term alternative to the treatment of heart disease over the use of drugs.


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3 thoughts on “Treating Heart Disease With Diet Over Drugs

  1. I agree, I think diet rather than drugs is a great way to combat heart disease. Check out the research though, grains have been shown to be harmful to health. How can you possibly advocate the removal of eggs to reduce cholesterol? Eggs are one of the most nutritious and natural foods! Removing fish? There is so much good to be had from fish, not least the omega 3 essential fat! You also have written of the benefits of coconut oil, which I agree with but what about the saturated fat? Is it good or bad? Coconut oil is pretty much entirely saturated fat and yet you say you should remove it form your diet? Which is right?

    • Most animal products are high in cholesterol and fats. Coconut oil is a saturated fat but keep in mind that as a tropical oil does not contain any cholesterol at all (all things in moderation!). Any food when over consumed can be harmful to our health. For many people who eat a diet that is based around animal products, they have a higher risk of heart disease. Eating a plant based diet is a great way to nourish our bodies, helping to rebuild cells, clear toxins and repair damaged tissues, reversing the effects that heart disease can have on our bodies. I have never read any research or studies on grains being harmful other then grains that have been genetically modified. Cultures that have the longest life spans, eat a plant based diet including lots of grains. Feel free to share this research, I would love to learn more. Thank you for your input:)

  2. marion kitamura says:

    The stats are mind boggling. I thought cancer was number one. Thanks for the reminder about the effect diet has on heart health. I still can’t go totally vegan but both Ron and I “in particular” have reduced our meat intake dramatically. I love the forks over knives video.

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