Secrets To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals For 2015!!


January is a time of renewal… a time for change in all facets of life.  Many of us have created a list of goals we hope to achieve in the new year but might need a little assistance to keep the motivation alive and stay on track!!

I started my new year on a whole food cleanse, with the assistance of the Juice Plus health line (… purging my body of all the toxic waste that accumulated over the holiday season.  I am feeling amazing and losing that unwanted body fat for my debut in Costa Rica come February!

I thought in this post I would share some of my personal tips to help you stay on track with eating clean for 2015!

1. CHEAT!!  You are not trying to enter a figure competition, so don’t deprive yourself of life’s temptations!  If you give yourself one day on the weekend that you can eat what ever you want…you will be more likely to stay on track, especially when you feel the deference that eating crap has on both your energy and your  digestion. I have a weakness for pizza…so on Friday nights I indulge in a pizza night and then hit the gym the next day for a Saturday morning workout:)

2. EAT YOUR FATS!!  One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients when they try to eat clean is that they still feel hungry.  Ensuring you are incorporating the right balance of healthy fats to your plant-based meals, will keep you satisfied for a longer and are an integral part of any healthy meal plan. Fats play a very important role in the body and are necessary for sustaining health, including vitamin absorption, body insulation, healthy cell function and hormone regulation. Healthy fats to incorporate are avocados, tropical oils such as coconut oil, nuts, seeds and plant oils such as sunflower and extra virgin olive oil.

3. WATER, WATER, WATER!!  An important component to a healthy diet is taking in substantial amounts of water.  Our bodies are comprised mainly of water (approx. 60%) and through everyday functions such as sweat and urine, we are constantly in a state of water loss. It is important to replenish these stores daily, in order to maintain hydration as well as aid in detoxification. Starting your day off with a 500 ml class of lemon water, is the perfect solution to get things moving (assisting in detoxification) as well as rehydrating the body after a restful sleep!

3 thoughts on “Secrets To Achieving Your Weight Loss Goals For 2015!!

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Love the picture. You and Ronny will make quit the debut in Costa Rica.
    Thanks for the healthy reminders. I look forward to sharing a cheat night pizza with you when you return from holiday:) BTW….Love the Anywhere Workout from last post. I have added it to my take away workouts for my travels since I can complete them in my hotel room.
    XO M

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