Check Out The Foods Fermenting In My Kitchen In A Video Blog!!

For today’s blog I wanted to try out another video blog!!  Although this is totally out of my comfort zone, the more you do it, the easier is is and the better you get at it!! So bare with me as I am totally new to being in front of a camera!  In my video I take you into my own kitchen and show you foods that I have fermenting on my countertops…fermented foods are so healthy for you but can be expensive to buy, so why not make them yourself!! I have included the links I have used below, so you can give it a try.

Consuming fermented foods is super important for our health, as strange as that may sound!  I have written a previous blog on this topic called “Time To Take A Gut Check” which I have linked for you and explains the benefits of increasing fermented foods in your diet.

Today in my kitchen, I started by brewing some Kombucha Tea  which is really good for your gut and so yummy!!  Here is a link to the instructions on how to brew your own: Making Kombucha Tea

I am also experimenting for the first time with making Gluten free – Sourdough Bread.  I never thought about trying this until a friend of mine gave me a sourdough starter along with a video link with instructions, so I had to try!  Sourdough is fermented; using wheat and water – colonizing healthy bacterias for your gut. Because of this fermentation process it is also a lot easier on the system to digest, so you won’t end up with an upset stomach as you do with most other types of breads. What I have found with making sourdough is it a very time consuming process…but well worth it in the end !!  We don’t eat a lot of breads at my house but if your family does, why not know exactly whats in your bread and feel good knowing that it is nourishing your gut.

If you have a day to experiment, give it a try…you can also learn how to get your own starter going, which I have shared in a link below.  I replaced regular flour (as shown in the video)  with a gluten-free flour such as spelt and it still turned out great!!  Keep in mind this video is VERY detailed, there are some easier instructions out there, these instructions will ensure that your loaf is amazing!!

Making Sourdough Bread

Making Sourdough Starter

Health Benefits of Sourdough