Follow the Rainbow to a Life of Good Health!!




Often times we associate fruits and vegetables with a specific nutrient; Carrots with vitamin A, oranges with vitamin C and spinach with iron, just to name a few.  What we may not realize is that all of these plants we consume are often packed with not just one but countless vitamins and nutrients (micronutrients) we may not even know about!!  Without an adequate intake of fruits and vegetables in our diet, our bodies will eventually breakdown, leading to both chronic disease and illness.


Nutrients in fruits and vegetables…

As we now know, fruits and vegetables contains multiple nutrients which assist our bodies in their daily functions.  An apple alone contains not only Vitamin C (which they are well-known for) but also B-complex vitamins, minerals such as calcium and potassium as well as 10000 phytonutrients, which help to rid the body of cancer causing free radicals!!  Just one example  from the wide selection of fruits and vegetables you can choose from every day!!


What is the role of vitamins and nutrients in the body??

As a machine our body performs thousands of functions everyday from cell and muscle production, to immune functions in order to sustain life.  Like the oil that lubricates a machine, our bodies cannot run optimally without the intake of  vitamins, minerals and nutrients.  Their presence in the body dictates a wounds ability to heal, the process of converting food into energy and our cells ability to repair damage.  We require at least 30 of these nutrients which cannot be manufactured on their own in sufficient amounts but can be obtained in abundance from plant-based diet.  Without the intake of these nutrients our bodies would slowly malfunction, ultimately leading to an open pathway for the breeding of illness and disease.

Eat a Rainbow!!

Many individual vitamins, minerals and nutrients cannot be properly absorbed in the body without the presence of others; for example, without vitamin D, vitamin C cannot absorb.  Because all fruits and vegetables contain their own balance of nutrition, it is essential that we take in a wide variety of colours every day to ensure proper absorption and intake of the many nutrients our bodies require. More then 75% of chronic illnesses today are attributed to a lack in micro-nutrition that can only be obtained from fruits and veggies.  Plant based nutrition is a vital component to bridging that gap between health and disease.   In synergy, nutrients work together to keep our parts running optimally, freeing us from the pathways to disease…now that is food for thought!!


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2 thoughts on “Follow the Rainbow to a Life of Good Health!!

  1. marion kitamura says:

    Because of your education and reminder about the importance of fruits and vegetables in my diet I have increased my intake of theses even more. I truly believe this is the reason for an eczema free Spring (so far) and feeling less allergy symptoms.

    • I am so happy to hear that you are eczema free and that eating more fruits and vegetables have improved your health! A lesson we all should take a message from:)

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