Simple Ways To Eliminate Cancer Causing Toxins


It’s no secret, we live in a toxic world!  From the foods we put in our mouth to the products we use on our skin, around the house and in our washing machines… the list is long and our daily intake of chemicals can reach  into the thousands!!  Our bodies are struggling and unable to keep up with the detoxification of our daily, toxic, consumption.

The result??

Cancers  and many other chronic diseases.  According to Physicians for Social Responsibility,  “Environmental factors including tobacco smoke, nutrition, physical activity and exposure to environmental carcinogens are estimated to be responsible for 75-80% of cancer diagnosis and death in the U.S.”

So what does that mean?? 

A large percentage of Cancers can be prevented!!  By making alternative choices about the products we use and the types of foods we consume,  we can drastically reduce our daily chemical exposure, changing our long term health for the better.

Where to start??

Food: If your eating whole foods, opt for organic when you can’t peel the skin, at the very least.  Processed foods (foods down the middle isles of the grocery store), the majority of these options contain some type of chemical or preservatives…if you can’t understand an ingredient, chances are it’s not good for you!!  Try buying pre-made foods at a health food store, they are usually made from the purest of ingredients, opting out of the toxic additives.

Skin Care/Shampoo: There are many “trusted brands” out there that we choose as our go to, when it comes to personal care.  Although marketed well, the majority of these products are plagued with thousands of chemicals and when applied to the skin or scalp, absorb directly into the blood stream, circulating chemicals throughout the entire body.  Go to your local health food store and choose products that are perfume free, para ban free, non toxic…although they may cost more upfront, the long term health implications are priceless!

Cleaning Products:  Formaldehyde is used to preserve dead bodies, it is also the number one ingredient found in most cleaning and laundry products, that gives them their “fresh” scent.  Imagine that on your skin when your taking a bath, washing your dishes or wearing your clean clothes.  Not only is your skin absorbing those chemicals but your also inhaling them, giving these toxins multiple points of entry into the body.  Vinegar has antimicrobial, antibacterial properties making a spray bottle of vinegar and water a great  alternative to cleaning your home. If you hate the smell, add an essential oil to your bottle…lavender smells amazing and also has antibacterial properties!! The health food section of your grocery store has lots of alternatives for naturally derived cleaning and laundry products as well.

Still lost??

I discovered this brilliant site, Skin Deep …offering you ratings on your food, household products, skincare and much more!  Download the app and scan a bar code while you shop!!


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