An Outdoor Workout That Will Get You Excited!!

On this beautiful Wednesday morning I thought I would share with you a workout I did last week, in a park near my house.  This workout incorporates TRX & Kettlebells, both of which are affordable, portable and easily accessible.  This type of training is often referred to as “Functional Training” because you are using muscles that you would recruit in everyday movements. Unlike weight training which isolates muscle groups, functional training allows you to utilize multiple muscles in just a single exercise, burning more energy (calories) in a shorter amount of time.

At one time I was unable to do a basic TRX lunge without losing my balance and now the skies the limit!!  This type of training, challenges you and pushes you to limits never thought possible!!  Even the most basic beginner can advance very quickly when training with functional training:)

The key to staying motivated in your workouts is to always challenging your best.  This will keep you accountable and forces you to overcome your personal physical and mental limitations.  With hundreds of exercises and an endless amount of combinations, TRX and Kettlebell workouts will never get boring.

I have listed the workout below that you can print. See video for demonstration…good luck and have fun!!


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Make It Personal - TRX Training - Resisted Torso Rotation

Workout (Advanced & Beginner)

Circuit x 2

  1. Lunges x 10 (Advanced – Plyometric)
  2. Single Leg Squat/Pull x 10/Leg
  3. TRX Pike & Side Tucks x 10/side
  4. Reversed Mountain Climbers x 20/side
  5. TRX Pull-Ups x 10
  6. Kettlebell Single Leg Squat, Stand, Push & Swing x 10/side
  7. Back Extension on All Fours x 10/side

1 minute Rest and Repeat!