40 Minute Primal Park Workout

box-jumpsIt’s a beautiful day, the sun is shining, the birds are singing and a great day for a workout!!  With the summer almost here, we are more inclined to be more active and exercise more often.  Getting your sweat on is an important component to cardiovascular health, weight loss/maintenance and of course in order to release those positive endorphins that keep us feeling good. An active lifestyle coupled with a well-balanced whole food diet is the key to feeling healthy and getting that body you have always wanted!!

With that said, today I wanted to share with you, my primal park workout I did early this morning.  Using purely bodyweight, along with the resistance of gravity, I was able to get an awesome workout without the use of any equipment and to top it off, it took me only 40 minutes!!   ENJOY MY WORKOUT!!


Primal Park Workout

20 min jog: Throw on your runners and some good tunes, plan to end your run at a park.

20 min park routine :  Run through this circuit 3 times

10 Bench Jumps  box-jumps





10 Monkey Bar Pull ups






10 Bench Step ups/leg








10 Bench Push ups










After your workout has been completed 3 rounds, be sure to stretch out each muscle that you have workout.  Head home, drink lots of water then make sure to consume a healthy meal!!

I will be launching my company: PRIMAL MOVEMENT FIT CAMP which I will be running in Barrie!!  I will let you in on my workout secrets, running each class through a full body workout, targeted at fat loss, toning, strengthening muscles that you use every day.  It will integrate a variety of training stations all designed to target multiple muscles at the same time, while allowing you to burn through calories quickly!!  Because diet is 85% of your results, as a personal trainer and nutritionist, I will also be offering diet plans that are tailored around your lifestyle, for anyone who is looking for a full body makeover for the summer!! The launch is coming soon…so please message me if you live in the area and are interested in my camp:)



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